Espionage Underpants


Max & Olivia Series: Mark A. Biggs

There are six books in the Max and Olivia series: captivating espionage adventures by our quirky octogenarians. 

  1. Operation Underpants
  2. Claudia
  3. Operation OBE (Over Bloody Eighty)
  4. St Mary’s Dating Agency
  5. Operation Origami
  6. Operation Snowflake

 Amazing must read espionage books … The Max & Olivia series: The idea behind the stories was to write a series that celebrate older people. It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”. Max and Olivia are the embodiment of this. 

Set against a backdrop of current geopolitical happenings, in their eighties, Max and Olivia return to the world of espionage. Each book in the series is a little different. Most, but not all, use a measured dose of humour, to broach topical subjects, or to lighten what otherwise would be dark scenes. The result is a satisfying and rewarding read. 

The age of the main characters, lends the books to an older audience, however, Max and Olivia are ably assisted by Claudia and a host of other people who give the stories a much broader appeal. In a world where much of what we read is the same, but different, the Max and Olivia series is refreshingly unique, and just a little quirky.e



Unceremoniously dumped in a retirement home by their children, international spies Max and Olivia languish forgotten and waiting to die. After finding a secret message in the newspaper, they return to the world of espionage. Escaping from the home, they travel to the UK with the fate of London and much of the world hanging in the balance. Part one, Operation Underpants. Part two, Claudia.



The adventures of our eccentric old spies, Max & Olivia continue in the exciting sequel to Operation Underpants. Claudia is an uplifting story full of danger, fear, good vs evil, never being too old, never giving up hope, and having ultimate faith in each other. Feared assassin Claudia doesn’t kill Max but takes him with her – putting her at war with herself and a past she hoped to forget. Meanwhile, Olivia must escape the watchful eye of MI6, and track her beloved husband Max across Europe, leaving in her wake a delicious trail of chaos.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

St Mary's Dating Agency


Living their remaining days on board the Queen Mary 2, Max and Olivia are suddenly dragged back into the world of international espionage and an undeclared war with Russia. The mission – terminate a Russian oligarch and prevent World War Three.
An espionage tale of love and adventure, a dash of political subterfuge and a touch of humour.


St Mary’s Pi-Ski, with its ageing and declining congregation, enters the game of online romance. John Moss, photographing himself in exotic locations for his romance profile, collides with Lucy, aka Claudia, a beautiful spy in possession of an item sought by Chinese agents. John becomes an unwitting mule, drawn into a dangerous game of espionage masquerading as love.
Max & Olivia do not feature in this book. They are back in book five, “Operation Origami – The Ire of Claudia”.


Operation Origami


Concern is growing that Claudia’s desire for personal vengeance will ignite a war between both the Chinese and the British intelligence sectors. What her superiors can’t see is that the two intelligence agencies are already at war. Killing John was only adding fuel to a steadily growing fire.

Now Claudia is on a hunt for the Crane – the assassin that killed John and has avoided identification for years.
With her superiors breathing down her back and tracking her every move, Claudia must be discreet in her mission. She must use what contacts she has, all while watching her back. At a moment’s notice, it could all be over for the spy.

Claudia isn’t the only one being hunted. Two older spies are being tracked by Davros, who works for The Firm, a new organization to the espionage game. Danger lurks around every corner for both the young and the old, each embarking on a mission that could end with casualties on both sides.

When Claudia is captured in Spain and held captive in the dungeons deep below Montserrat Abbey, two old friends must rescue her. Coming out of retirement in the midst of a pandemic, wasn’t the thrill octogenarians, Max and Olivia were looking for.

And then of course, there’s Molly and Snowflake the cat.

operation snowflake

Operation Snowflake brings an end to the delightful six-part Max and Olivia series. In this story, Olivia and Max must prevent the forced rendition of Samantha, her eight-year-old daughter Molly and Snowflake the cat, from Britain to Beijing. Tensions between the United Kingdom and China run high.

Max and Olivia Series
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