Mark Biggs


Who was Olivia?

Although I’m still to finish the final book in the Tale of Love Series, “In Search of Daniel”, my mind turns to a story for 2023. The picture below is of Olivia, at the time when she met Max during WW2. I said the series was finished; however, I wonder, before she was forgotten and …

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Mia Bella – Tale of Love

Reaching the walls of fort borj el Barmil, the entrance to the port, Daniel stopped and look back to see his old life. He hesitates before striding through the stone archway to become Saint Vladimir, a repentant sinner whose soul had been transformed to a righteous man. Mia Bella (Tale of Love #2)

Tale of Love

Isn’t Madness – Tale of love

In an arbitrary world, faith and trust are a resource born of respect, something she would need to earn. Lucy was a master of deception. A mistress of duplicity. Isn’t it Madness, a three part romance series, coming in 2022.  


Busting myths about aging

Busting myths about aging. Those over eighty-five are one of the fastest growing demographics but are often hampered by unfair stereotypes about their abilities and role in society. ‘This is particularly acute among older woman,’ said retired psychologist Mark Biggs. ‘To help bust the myth about aging, I’ve written the “Max and Olivia”, action and …

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