Mark Biggs

In search of daniel

Get ready for an exhilarating conclusion to the Tale of Love Series with “In Search of Daniel”. Claudia has always known that leaving the man she loves, Daniel, was inevitable due to the danger and death that follows her. But now, regretful and determined to be with him, she plans to quit her life of espionage …

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Tale of Love

A message that truly speaks to a loved one is unique.

In love letters from Dresden, by Mark A. Biggs, the daughter discovers old love letters hidden by her mother. ‘Using letters as the premise for a modern  story will become increasingly problematic,’ said Mark Biggs. ‘Letter writing has been decreasing in popularity probably due to the rise of technology and electronic communications. Emails, text messages, and instant …

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Happy Life

Long, healthy and happy life

Happy life. The Max and Olivia book series, are an action and adventure spy story. However, I also wrote the books as a celebration of older people. The stories invite the reader to experience ageing rather than fearing it. The characters provided an inspiring platform through which to challenge the accepted chronicle of aging. Weaved …

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The love of stories

Why I Love Writing Stories

There are many reasons why people write stories. Some people write stories to entertain others, to share their own experiences or the experiences of others, to preserve history or cultural traditions, or to explore new ideas and perspectives. Stories can also be used to educate, to inspire, or to evoke emotion in the reader. Stories …

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Max & Olivia Box Set

Claudia’s Lover

Claudia’s lover Monya Mogilevick first appeared in, CLAUDIA, book two of the Max & Olivia series which was published in 2017.Monya Mogilevick is a Russian businessman and Mafia boss who has been linked to the Keiser Group, a private military company that has been involved in military operations in various countries, including Syria, Ukraine, and …

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Who was Olivia?

Although I’m still to finish the final book in the Tale of Love Series, “In Search of Daniel”, my mind turns to a story for 2023. The picture below is of Olivia, at the time when she met Max during WW2. I said the series was finished; however, I wonder, before she was forgotten and …

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