Origami Crane

Operation Origami Prologue

Operation Origami – The Ire of Claudia, is the fifth book in the Max & Olivia Series and although it starts where book four, St Mary’s Dating Agency finished, it’s a standalone read. Operation Origami is a fast-pasted action adventure set against current happenings in the world today.  

Enjoy reading the prologue from Operation Origami. A wonderful story.

Operational Origami: Prologue

The explosion rattled the church hall windows and the whole building quivered as if struck by a magnitude six earthquake. Afterwards the sound of the blast receded and, for a few seconds, not a noise could be heard, only deathly silence.

John’s house in Pi-Ski, Cornwall, England, had been destroyed and he was dead. The Crane would have killed them both, but John dying on his own was a bonus for the assassin. For such a creature, nothing was more satisfying than inflicting permanent emotional scars on an adversary. The CIA and MI6 believe that the Crane now worked exclusively for the Chinese Ministry of State Security, the MSS and over the previous ten years, the assassin had systematically eliminated people who annoyed the Chinese State with brutal efficiency, including foreign agents. Their government kept the dirty work at arm’s length, providing plausible deniability, though the international intelligence community knew who paid the bills.

By falling in love with John, Claudia had condemned him to death.

‘You shouldn’t have done that Sweetie,’ Claudia screamed in her raw pain and grief. She pictured Chen Li, the man who headed MSS intelligence operations in Britain plus his six colleagues she’d encountered at the prestigious Chinese Shark Fin restaurant in Soho London, knowing they were responsible for John’s death. His murder was retribution for her termination of Mr Yáyī, one of the diners, when he was sent to kill her.

Claudia visualised the table of diners at the restaurant, her mind racing. I will start with you, Sweeties, all of you! Then, Crane, whoever, and wherever you are, I am coming for you next. John, this is my solemn vow and promise in memory of you. I will show no mercy, Sweeties. Before you die, you will each beg me to end your suffering. Claudia crumpled the paper crane handed to her seconds before the explosion in her fist, letting it fall to the ground. In her mind she screamed, Hell, hath been unleashed. Claudia is coming, but on the outside, she appeared to those around, unmoved, stoic in the face of adversity. A brave woman, some who were there would later pronounce.

Operation Origami
Operation Origami