Max & Olivia Box Set

A Celebration of older people

The Max and Olivia story is a six-part series, with the exception of books one and two, the remainder can be read on their own, however, it is a progressive tale.

The Max and Olivia stories are a celebration of older people. It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”. Max and Olivia are the embodiment of this.

Although the author recounts the early days of Max and Olivia, their war time service, and then as cold war spies, the narrative is set in the here and now. With a backdrop of current geopolitical happenings, in their eighties, Max and Olivia return to the world of espionage.

Each book in the series is a little different. Most, but not all, use a measured dose of humour, to broach topical subjects, or to lighten what otherwise would be dark scenes. The result is a satisfying and rewarding read.

The age of the main characters, lends the books to an older audience, however, Max and Olivia are ably assisted by Claudia and a host of other people who give the stories a much broader appeal.

In a world where much of what we read is ‘same, same but different’, the Max and Olivia series is refreshingly unique and just a little quirky.

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