St. Mary’s Dating Agency (Max & Olivia Book 4)

Espionage and Foreign Interference are Insidious.

St Mary’s Pi-Ski, with its ageing and declining congregation, enters the game of online romance to save the church. John Moss, photographing himself in exotic locations for his romance profile, collides with Lucy, aka Claudia, a beautiful spy in possession of an item sought by ruthless Chinese agents. John becomes an unwitting mule, drawn into a dangerous game of espionage masquerading as love.

Max & Olivia do not feature in this book. They are back in book five, “Operation Origami – The Ire of Claudia”.

Editorial Reviews


I really enjoyed this story. It was as involved as you would think from the description. The story moved along at a fast clip… There wasn’t a slow moment in the whole book… You kept wondering what was coming next! I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read the next book in this series.