Love Letters From Dresden (Artōrius series Book 1)

A love story unearthed from a shoe box leads a daughter on a journey for the truth. An amazing story.
Set between WW2 and modern day and told through the viewpoint of several characters, Love Letters from Dresden is a beautiful tale of friendship, survival and love.

“With the winds of time, love letters drift from our lives, taking their secrets with them”.


Editorial Reviews


“A German boy doesn’t cry! An often repeated reminder as I was growing up in Berlin. Now this book brought tears to my eyes. Extremely well written and true to the Times as I can do well remember. I was part of the caravans because my mother and I had been evacuated to a village in a part that became polish and we were on the road back to Berlin along with thousands of people fleeing the approaching Russian army. This book is a true reminder of those days. The plot is mind blowing. It is so true sounding, it cannot be fiction.” – Gunter Goodreads