Above and Beyond: Second Edition

This book is a timely reminder of the importance of telling our own story.
It is a story of war and faith that starts in WWII on the convoys to Russian and becomes, in the freezing waters of the North Sea, a promise to serve God. Above and Beyond is a biographical tale which encourages ordinary people to value and write of their life.

Stories from the past can influence future generations, but have you ever wondered, what is the truth?




Editorial Reviews


“This inspiring story is one everyone should read” – Maritime Quest. USA.

Recommended Readings – “A very interesting and informative book, it sheds light on the activities of some of the men whose shadowy wartime exploits still remain secret today”  – Royal Navy Research Archives. United Kingdom.

From the Author

The Reverend Laurence Walter Biggs lived to fulfil his promise and became an ordained minister in the Anglican Church in England and then Australia. With the revelation that Christianity is only one of many paths to God, his story should have ended. Yet the stories from the past can, for many families, define and influence their own journey, but have you ever wondered, what is the truth?